Left Luggage Mysteries

LLM-medThe Left Luggage Office is full of mysteries and only your pupils can unlock the clues to their stories.

These workshops emphasise speaking, listening and discussion skills – with some drama thrown in. Highly interactive and hands-on, these workshops have been designed to provide a great stimulus for writing too.

Things That Go Bump (KS1 or lower KS2)
Based on the storytelling characters from Jenny Nimmo’s ‘The Beasties’. The left luggage objects give clues about the Beasties as well as the stories they tell. Children get to explore the characters, their tales and create their own ideas for stories.
Around the World in 80 Stories (KS2)
The luggage of Dr Whifflebash, the great adventurer, contains clues to weird and wonderful stories. But which ones are true? Which ones are unbelievable? What incredible stories can you create from items in his trunk?
Evacuee (KS2)
Explore the luggage of a World War Two evacuee sent from the city to live in the country. What clues are there to his old and new lives?
Follow the investigation up with drama activities to explore life during the blitz and in the country.
She Sells Sea Shells… (Mary Anning) (KS2)
Find out about this remarkable Victorian woman and her contribution to our knowledge of fossils and prehistoric creatures. Explore what her life was like and why she was the inspiration for a well-known tongue twister. This workshop includes a hand-on ‘fossil dig’.

Please get in touch if you would like more information about these workshops, to book one or discuss how they could work as part of a partnership with your school.

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