Learning through drama

“You opened my imagination up.
That’s not something I often get to do in school.”
(quote from a Year 6 girl after taking part in the ‘Pirates’ workshop)

dramafolder01Pupils are introduced to role play, improvisation, hot-seating, thought-tracking and teacher-in-role as dramatic routes into exploring situations or stories. They develop imagination and speaking and listening skills, which can feed into their writing work (writing follow-up sessions can also be arranged).

Space journey (2 hours)
Experience leaving Earth, travelling to a space station and then on to different planets, what clues do you find, what do you learn about the planets?
Pirates (2 hours)
Find out first hand what is was like to be press-ganged and dragged away to sea, experience life on the ocean waves and the hunt for buried treasure, but remember never to trust your comrades!
The Sheep Pig (full day)
Bring the whole of Dick King Smith’s book to life in an exciting way – particularly appropriate for year 3/4

Please get in touch if you would like more information about these workshops, to book one or discuss how they could work as part of a partnership with your school.

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