A picture paints 1000 stories

Engaging 2-hour workshops using high-quality digital copies of artworks from around the world to develop speaking and listening, group discussions, drama and story creation.

Workshops include time to look closely at artworks pupils may never get to see in galleries, to engage with their content and can be a great stimulus for writing.
Talking Heads (KS1 and KS2)
‘Meet’ characters from portraits and other paintings by interviewing them in the hotseat, creating freeze frames and bringing them to life in movement and speech.
Use these imaginative techniques to bring other artworks’ characters to life.
Jumping into Art (KS1 and KS2)
Use movement and drama to ‘jump inside’ natural and abstract artworks.
Engage the senses through creating soundscapes and discovering the smells and textures in new environments.
Talk to me (KS2)
Pupils explore the conversations between characters in artworks, replaying and improving them.
Drama helps them understand how body language and gestures affect these conversations, before they script a scene involving more than one character.
A useful stimulus or revision for playwriting skills.
The Great Debate (KS2)
Pupils use artworks to explore, discuss and debate issues relevant to the people and settings in them.
They take part in a polarisation debate when it becomes clear that only one of two artworks can be saved. Which one will win? Why?
An excellent stimulus for persuasive and balanced argument writing.

Please get in touch if you would like more information about these workshops, to book one or discuss how they could work as part of a partnership with your school.

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