Examples of work

cover_image_for_web I created resources for schools (primarily KS2) and families for the Capability Brown Festival.

As these were aimed at sites who had done little or no previous work with schools and families as well as those more experienced, the resources including toolkits for getting started with these two audiences.
Getting started with schools (PDF)
Working with schools support pack (Word)
Working with different key stages (PDF)

Working with families (PDF)

Schools and families activity bank (PDF)
Handouts and worksheets to support the activity bank (Word)



 small_SchoolPack1Screenshot I created resources for Gifts for the Gods: Animal Mummies Revealed exhibition.

This exhibition toured Manchester Museum, Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery and World Museum Liverpool, so the resources needed to relate to both the National Curriculum and Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence.
(Links are to the National Curriculum version. The Scottish version had a different ‘curriculum links’ appendix).

Activities (part 1)
Activities (part 2)
Photo resources
Pupil trail

small_FamilyPackScreenshot Family resources for Gifts for the Gods: Animal Mummies Revealed exhibition.
(Manchester Museum / Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery / World Museum Liverpool)

Family resource pack

Family trail
 jrl learn together Family learning booklets for the John Rylands Library. These were something families could take after a family learning workshop, to reinforce the skills learnt and to give them an opportunity to continue learning at home.

Pop-up cards and books

 grumbold trail small Family trail for the John Rylands Library, exploring the building, its contents and its history.
Volunteer handbook for oral history project Invisible Histories (Working Class Movement Library)

I also created the Invisible Histories project website.

TSI: Time scene Investigation pre and post-visit pack
Ancient Greeks pre and post-visit pack
Pre and post-visit teacher packs for Manchester Museum workshops.
TSI: Time Scene Investigation (Archaeology)
Ancient Greeks
 'Myths and Monsters' teacher self-guide resource Teacher self-led gallery resource: ‘Myths and Monsters’ (relating to Greek myths and Mediterranean items that were then on display in Manchester Museum.
 Stepping Inside... Pictures' teacher resource pack ‘Stepping Inside… Pictures’teacher resource pack
(Manchester Art Gallery)
A video introduction to the Whitworth
A video introduction to the Whitworth
(Whitworth Art Gallery / St James Primary School, Rusholme)
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