Analysis, evaluation, reports and case studies

I have analysed and evaluated learning programmes, and produced case studies and reports to support the work of different museums, galleries and other organisations:

  • Historic Royal Palaces: Analysis of possible approaches for development of Phase 2 of the Curious Stories literacy project (for Reception and Year 1 children) at Kensington Palace, plus development of phase 2 workshops.
  • Curious Minds / National Museums Liverpool: Analysis and evaluation of the primary learning offer of the nine sites of NML and suggestions for development and marketing more effectively to teachers
  • Renaissance North West: report on the consultancy work I did analysing and evaluating education work in museums and galleries across the region, as well as devising and delivering training and providing additional support
  • A case study of developing the National Literacy Trust’s ‘Talk for Writing’ approaches in workshops in partnership with Manchester Art Gallery
  • A report on working with the ERA group of museum and gallery educators in Cheshire to develop fiction & non-fiction workshops in their venues plus examples of workshops created
  • A case study of supporting partnership work between Bury Art Museum & The Fusilier Museum, Bury to create workshops incorporating speaking, listening and story making skills
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