About me


I have been working in cultural and heritage learning since 2004 (with 10 years previous experience as a teacher), gaining a wealth of experience of working with different audiences. I have worked with nursery pupils through to university students, and my public engagement work has involved people from a wide range of ages and backgrounds.

As well as developing and delivering literally hundreds of school and family workshops, I have created a number of resources for sites to use with these audiences. I have a very good understanding of the National Curriculum and can help sites fit their learning work more closely to it.

small_img_20170119_153906I have also worked with sites to analyse and develop their learning offers and help them create or extend links with schools.

I also have a huge amount of experience of developing and delivering engaging and memorable training to cultural and heritage educators, volunteers, teachers, teaching assistants and parents. As part of this, I develop my own support materials to fit the needs of those who commission training as well as participants.

I very much look forward to working with you.

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